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JSfiddle: free coding software with no download required, will tell you the line of code that needs to be fixed when you make an error

Html color codes: easy way to get color codes and gives lots of options for color palettes

gigaglitters: lots of options for glitter text

glowtxt: glowing text generator

pookatoo another glowing text generator

google fonts: lots of fonts to choose from and it gives you the code to copy/paste

photopea: free photoshop

ezgif: easy way to convert images and gifs

hekate's button maker: make an 88x31 site button

gifcities: oldweb gifs

pupzgrl: lots of favicons and dividers mixed in with stimboards

melonet: even more favicons and dividers

(flash warning) vibrantgutz: lots of glitter gifs

webcoreparadise: some dividers and oldweb gifs

animatedglittergraphics-n-more: so many favicons and dividers

cutewebgraphics: has backgrounds, blinkies, gifs, and more

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