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welcome to my webbed site!

thank you for clicking thru to my site!

this is where i come post abt my interests and avoid social media, the pages i have coded and put up so far are about, sufjan, funny.jpg, and greys + im working on a collections page! ive been getting better at coding and finally figured out the general vibe im aiming for so i just finished making this page and an about page nd hopefuly i'll have a new sufjan shrine uploaded to make the site more cohesive! this site will also be under heavy construction for the forseeable future so please bear with me while i put all the pieces together!

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update log

1/20/2023: updated layout of home page.

1/19/2023: added various greys pages.

9/28/2022: updated sufjan page's layout and added more funnies.

9/27/2022: added resources page.

9/26/2022: updated home page, about page, and misc collection's layouts.

9/24/2022: added funnies.jpg page.

to do:

resources page | about page | collections page | greys page | jjba shrines