welcome to where im going to put my thougts about greys anatomy! everything here is simply my own opinion, feel free to disagree!

disclaimer #1, some thoughts on problematic media:

greys anatomy first aired in 2005, and some things have not aged well. i would like to clarify that while i love this show, i do not ignore the problematic nature of some of the story lines and character arcs. i know some people believe that you shouldnt engage with problematic media but honestly if i observed that rule i wouldnt have media to engage with. anyway the moral of this is watch what you want to watch, just be critical of it!

disclaimer #2, triggers:

greys is a show that takes place in a hospital and tackles real world topics so needless to say there are a lot of triggers so here is the link to greys anatomy's does the dog die page. and i will be tagging major triggers as i go but if there are any triggers im missing or that are niche pls feel free to email me at v3nusianbabie@gmail.com.

disclaimer #3, propaganda:

(this section is mostly for anyone who decides to watch the show itself.)
i dont want to scare people or deter anyone from seeking medical help because doctors and nurses do great things and really do deserve a lot of praise for their onging response to covid as well as other things but there is a very big problem in the medical profession where doctors and nurses do not listen to their patients, especially if that patient is a part of one or more marginalized communities. im not saying theres no such thing as doctors who care, i've had some that truly do, but there are quite a few who do not and are unwilling to look beneath the surface and give patients the care they deserve whether thats due to conscious or subconscious reasons. please do go to the doctor if you need to and are able but remember to advocate for yourself if you feel you arent recieving adequate healthcare. i would also like to add that while there are a lot of parts that are very disconnected from the reality of the lengths doctors are willing to go to to diagnose and treat their patients, there are a few parts where the treatment of marginalized patients is called into question, this mostly happens in the newer seasons.

disclaimer #4, spoilers:

there will be so many spoilers, i cant help it, this is also probably the only spoiler warning i'll give other than ones for the current season and possibly s18 as it is still on the newer side.

got all that?